NBA fans are already mad at ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski for maybe spoiling draft picks

It has become a delightful NBA Draft tradition of sorts: ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski finding some creative ways to tip picks as he reports them before the official announcements.

Well, it’s hours before the draft. We’re talking morning of, not even close to Thursday night when we’ll learn who goes where.

And Woj has already appeared to spoil some picks. The first three, in fact.

Who knows? Maybe this tweet means it COULD happen and that maybe there’s a last-minute change? Also, it’s worth noting the odds on Paolo Banchero dropped significantly in recent days. Hmm. Can’t imagine any odds on the top picks are on the board anymore.

But when you see him saying it’s “increasingly firm” that the first three picks are in … it could mean we’ve gotten a spoiler already.

Check out the reaction:

Here's the report

Fans are mad

It’s not a huge surprise, but still, so funny!

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