SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server

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With the significant time constraints technology teams faces to address and resolve performance issues, they need a tool to support business critical applications. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is an end to end tool to collect, manage, report and recommend corrections based on your performance data. This is accomplished with less than 1% load on the monitored servers with DPA's agentless architecture to collect the performance metrics, whether your SQL Server instance is on premise, in the cloud, virtualized or a physical server. The browser-based interface is simple and consistent providing opportunities to slice and dice the data as needed for all of your team members i.e. Developers, Operations, QA, Management, etc. not just DBAs without compromising production security to troubleshoot a performance issue. The intuitive interface guides you to the issue and encourages exploration of the data to gain new insights for your environment. Speaking of the data, it is not just raw data, it is aggregated, consolidated and prioritized to see trending overtime with the flexibility to be able to break the data down to 1-minute granularity.


Database Performance Analyzer provides a seamless view of your environment across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure:

  • Resolution - Pinpoint poorly performing code in a few clicks
  • Visibility - Understand poorly performing code in a graphical manner with supporting metrics to prevent finger pointing and focus the team on solving the problem
  • Recommendations - Expert advice via Query and Table Tuning Advisors to correct problematic code
  • Simplicity - Enterprise view to prioritize efforts to benefit the business
  • Anomaly Detection Machine learning that gets smarter over time to improve your performance tuning
  • Analysis - Real time and historical data to correct issues and determine trends - down to the minute
  • Comprehensive - Intuitive interface to dissect performance issues against numerous versions of SQL Server, VMware, and other database platforms to share with Developers, Admins, QA and Management without compromising production security
  • Cloud - Full support for Azure and AWS including Azure SQL Database and Amazon Aurora
  • Availability Group Support - Extensive Availability Group monitoring and reporting
  • Reporting - Inherit reporting with the ability to send the results via email plus custom reporting and alerting interface
  • Low Impact - DPA places less than 1% load on the monitored servers with wait based monitoring

Check out the Related Resources to continue to learn about how Database Performance Analyzer can help your organization. If you are interested, use the bottom link in the Related Resources to get started with a free evaluation version.

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