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Upcoming Live SQL Server Webcasts

  • Efficient monitoring and management of SQL Server farms

    SQL Server DBAs are being asked to monitor and manage a constantly growing number of instances. Properly addressing these needs from a technical, business and user perspective is time consuming and stressful while leaving many issues unnoticed until it is too late. Without the right tools in place, it is next to impossible to know which databases are experiencing issues resulting in constant firefighting.

  • SQL Server 2022 The hybrid data platform

    Introduced last November SQL Server 2022 is the most cloud enabled version Microsoft has ever released. But the excitement does not stop there, continued performance, features and security innovations continue to be released as they move closer to GA. There is always something new for us to get excited about with Bob Ward.

  • Disaster: LIVE! - SQL Server from disaster to operational

    This event will guide you through a few simulated disasters of SQL Server to show you the steps to follow along with a checklist to go from disaster to operational.

  • Performance Troubleshooting SQL Server with Native Tools

    Microsoft ships a multitude of tools to help detect, diagnose, and resolve problems inside of SQL Server. But which is best to use and when? This session teaches attendees how to tackle the troubleshooting process to achieve repeated, optimal results.

  • Easily Encrypt SQL Server Databases and Backups - All Versions and Editions

    SQL Server database encryption should be a best practice, but it can seem daunting to implement. You might be faced with the prospect of upgrading your SQL Server, changing editions, or recoding your applications. Learn how to easily encrypt your data and protect your organization.

  • Validating and Enriching SQL Server data with Unison

    Data has a great value when it is clean, however many datasets are plagued with invalid, inaccurate, and duplicate records. With Unison by Melissa, tackling these issues in Microsoft SQL Server environments is a breeze for SQL Server DBAs, Data Stewards and Business Users.

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