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  • Identify SQL Server Performance Problems Quickly and Efficiently

    Optimal SQL Server performance remains a high priority for DBAs and Developers. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify the root cause of the issue, optimize the query, and validate the changes. SQLGrease can provide a tremendous amount of insight, time savings and performance improvements. SQLGrease is a performance monitoring tool that provides deep insight into performance problems down to the query level across all of your instances in the cloud and on-premises.

  • Amazon Quickstart: SIOS DataKeeper For SQL Server on AWS

    Join us for a demonstration of an Amazon QuickStart deploying SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition provides high availability cluster protection for SQL Server in a cloud environment and is fully integrated with Windows Server Failover Cluster.

  • SQL Server Resilience for Hybrid Cloud

    Enterprises are looking to provide business continuity across on-premises data centers and disaster recovery within the public cloud. This presentation guides you through the outline of how to ensure data is available wherever and whenever needed, to ensure you can meet the SLAs your business partners expect with as little hassle as possible so you can sleep instead of worry.

  • Real-Time Data Validation API for SQL Server using Power Apps and Python

    Ingesting client data without prior validations or quality checks can cause tremendous headaches when the data reaches subsequent business processes. In this webcast, we showcase how to take advantage of two data quality APIs to validate, enhance and enrich the quality of different data attributes for personal contact information with Power Apps and Python.

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