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Author of the Year

Eligibility = 10+ tips published in 2021.

Scott Murray (Category = BI) has a passion for crafting practical BI solutions. He was recognized as the 2015 MSSQLTips Author of the Year, 2016 Champion Award and a 7 time Contender for Author of the Year. Overall Scott has contributed over 170 tips.
Manvendra Singh (Category = DBA) has contributed 140+ tips on SQL Server Database Administration, Management Studio, Security, AlwaysOn, Interview Questions and more. Manvendra has been recognized as an 2018 MSSQLTips Champion.
Nai Biao Zhou (Category = DEV) is a Senior Software Developer specializing in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Mining and solution architecture design. He has contributed over 30 in-depth articles on various topics.
Mohammed Moinudheen (Category = Cloud) has contributed 75+ tips on Azure, replication, in-memory OLTP, database administration and more. Mohammed has been recognized as an 2016 MSSQLTips Trendsetter, 2019 MSSQLTips Rising Star and 2021 Achiever.
Jim Evans (Category = DBA) is an IT Manager and contributes both DBA and Dev tips. He has contributed over 20 articles.
Aaron Bertrand (Category = DBA) has been an author on MSSQLTips since 2010 with 190+ tips on SQL Server 2019, design, development and performance topics. In 2016, Aaron was recognized as a MSSQLTips Champion and Author of the Year.
Rajendra Gupta (Category = DBA) has been sharing SQL Server Database Administration tips since 2011. He has been digging into SQL Server, Operations Studio, Management Studio and contributed 100+ tips. In 2020 he was recognized as a MSSQLTips Champion.
Fikrat Azizov (Category = Cloud) has contributed over 55 tips related to Azure, Azure Data Factory and other topics. He was recognized as a Rising Star in 2021. Fikrat has been contributing to since 2015.
Koen Verbeeck (Category = BI) was recognized as the 2014 MSSQLTips Author of the Year. He has contributed 210+ tips on SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, MDS, R and more over the last seven years. Koen was awarded the first MSSQLTips Leadership award for 200+ articles.
Alejandro Cobar (Category = DBA) is an MCP, SQL Server DBA and Developer. He has contributed over 50 Database Administration and monitoring with PowerShell series tips. In 2021 he was awarded the MSSQLTips Rising Star Award.
Rick Dobson (Category = DEV) has been contributing SQL Server DBA and Development tips since 2011. In 2018, Rick was awarded the MSSQLTips Rising Star, in 2019 Achiever and in 2020 MSSQLTips Champion. He has written over 130 articles.
Eric Blinn (Category = DEV) has contributed tips on DBCC's, System Databases, Triggers, Indexing and more. So far he has contributed 29 articles as well as presented several webinars on various topics.
Joe Gavin (Category = DBA) is a SQL Server DBA from Greater Boston focusing on DBA topics, Azure, Health Checks and more. Joe has written over 45 articles.
Ron L'Esteve (Category = Cloud) is a seasoned Data Architect who holds an MBA and MSF. Ron has delivered 65 in-depth tips on Azure related topics and was awarded the MSSQLTips Rising Star award in 2021.

Kenneth A. Omorodion (Category = BI) has had 30+ articles published on MSSQLTips related to Power, BI DevOps and Azure. In 2021 he was awarded the MSSQLTips Trendsetter Award.

John Miner (Category = Cloud) has been helping the community with 80+ tips on SQL Azure, Power BI and more since 2015. John was recognized as a 2017 MSSQLTips Trendsetter, 2019 Rising Star and 2021 Achiever.
Sergey Gigoyan (Category = DBA) is a talented DBA\ Developer working on database design and development, performance tuning and more. He started writing in 2015 and has contributed over 80 tips. In 2021 he earned the MSSQLTips Achiever award.
Rookie of the Year

Eligibility = First tip published in 2021 with 5+ tips published.

Hristo Hristov started writing in 2021 and has 18 articles published this year mostly around Power Apps.
Andrea Gnemmi started writing in 2021 and has 12 articles published this year based on the differences and similarities of SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.