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Chilling twist in mystery of family who vanished with daughter, 2, on camping trip following visit to Walmart

A MISSING dad quit his job just days before vanishing on a camping trip with his ex-girlfriend and their daughter, his family has revealed.

Nicholas Hansen, 38, Jill Sidebotham, 28, and Lydia, two, supposedly left on June 27 and were last seen in a Walmart store in Mexico, Maine days later.

Nicholas Hansen quit his job before he disappeared with his ex-girlfriend and their daughterCredit: Sanford Police Department
Jill Sidebotham and Lydia have been missing since JuneCredit: Facebook/Sanford Maine Police Department

Hansen’s sister Kelly told NBC News that she’s worried “something bad” may have happened on the trip.

She said: “It kills me to know that he’s changed and my niece, God forbid, is suffering because of this.

“I’m worried that Nick snapped and did something stupid. I’m worried that Jill could have snapped and did something stupid.”

She revealed that Hansen quit his job after losing custody of two of his other kids from a previous relationship.

Kelly said recent years have “not been kind” to her brother.

And, Hansen’s sister Kris Martin told The Sun that his mind wasn't stable.

Police released surveillance footage of the trio shopping at the supermarket as part of their missing person probe.

Pictures show Sidebotham holding Lydia before she handed cash over to the cashier as they paid for their groceries.

Hansen was pictured standing by the shopping cart.

Sanford Police Lt Matthew Gagne said they were buying food from the store.

He said: "There did not appear to be anything nefarious or criminal."

The family was also spotted at the Coos Canyon Campground in Byron.

The footage showed both parents carrying their daughter.

Sidebotham was due to return home from the trip on June 30 but failed to do so.

Her father Ron told Seacoastonline that a money jar containing an estimated $200 in cash that Jill kept at home is nowhere to be found after her disappearance.

Her mom warned her daughter not to go camping, according to a family Facebook post.


Ron told the Boston Globe: “My wife said she tried to stop her but [Jill] said it would be fine.”

And, he told WMTV: “This is not in her (Jill’s) nature to do anything like this. She’s never done anything like this.”

Jill's family claimed her phone was turned off on June 28, but her fiancé Corey Alexander, 31, said he received messages from her Facebook account the next day.

But, he admitted that he wasn't sure that the texts came from Jill's phone.

Alexander doesn't suspect that Hansen sent the messages but fears if he saw them, "they may have set him off".

He revealed that their final in-person conversation was about the apartment that the couple were due to move into over the July 4 weekend.

Detectives have received several tips but none so far have led to anything substantial.

But, Kris said she couldn’t imagine that Hansen has left Maine.

They were last seen in a Walmart store in Maine on July 2Credit: Sanford Maine Police Department
Another surveillance clip shows Hansen carrying LydiaCredit: Facebook/Sanford Maine Police Department
Jill's boyfriend Corey Alexander claimed he received texts from her social media account the day after her phone was reportedly switched offCredit: Facebook/Corey Alexander