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Truth behind Prince Harry’s biggest whines – from ‘painful’ childhood to millionaire’s ‘money struggles’ & security row

PRINCE Harry's tone-deaf moaning is back in the news again after he incredibly threatened legal action for being denied police protection - despite quitting the Royal Family.

The 37-year-old was branded the “petulant prince” by Sun columnist Piers Morgan today who said he was a “shameless, deluded woefully-entitled hypocrite”.

Prince Harry is considering legal action against the Government for refusing his offer to pay The Met for security protectionCredit: AFP

Harry demanded Metropolitan police bodyguards while travelling in the UK because he felt “unsafe” after claiming his own team was “compromised”.

The remarks were rubbished by an ex-Met chief who said he was “creating scenarios that don’t exist”.

As Harry causes a stir yet again we remember his biggest whines and put them under the microscope with a royal expert.

‘Bad parent’ Prince Charles

The royal, 37, has complained about 'pain and suffering' he experienced being the fault of his father Prince Charles, and his parents, the Queen and Prince PhilipCredit: Getty

Last year Harry took aim at his father, whom he claimed to be the source of the “pain and suffering” that he experienced.

He said Prince Charles “treated me the way he was treated”, seemingly alluding to his father's experiences at the hands of the Queen and the late Prince Philip.

But royal biographer Angela Levin disagreed, telling The Sun his remarks were a “publicity stunt” to attract more attention.

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She pointed to their positive relationship, including when Harry guest edited Radio 4’s Today programme in 2017.

The royal invited his father, who he referred to as “pa”, and during an interview Angela felt they “talked very lovingly as father and son”.

Also, after getting engaged to Meghan that same year, he explained that he invited her to Sandringham for the Royals’ Christmas because they were “the family she never had”.

Angela added: “Why do that if they are such a rotten family? He is reconstructing his own life to be a victim.”

Life like the ‘Truman Show’

Harry and Meghan claimed to have been financially cut-off during their interview with Oprah WinfreyCredit: Getty

Harry also claimed that being in the Royal Family was “like being in the Truman Show” - the 1998 film where the entire life of the protagonist was a TV show. 

Angela, who authored Harry: Conversations With The Prince, said it was untrue for Harry to claim he was hounded by “the prying eyes of the media”.

“Harry and Meghan were left alone on their honeymoon, they have had lots of private holidays," she said.

“Now, they are asking for publicity all the time. If they didn’t speak on podcasts and TV shows the whole time, they wouldn’t receive all this press.

“There are also suggestions that Meghan and Harry are leaking details of his conversations with Royals, so that sounds hypocritical.”

‘Finding freedom’ in LA

Harry claimed he would unable to take his son Archie for a bike ride – but was pictured doing exactly that with his own father and brotherCredit: Getty

Harry said that he “would never have had the chance” to take his son Archie, now two, for a ride on the back of his bicycle.

It was part of his claim to have more privacy and less press intrusion in Los Angeles after departing from his royal duties.

Angela says: “There are pictures of Harry on the back of his bike as a child going on cycle rides with his parents.

“And if he wanted to escape the goldfish bowl, Los Angeles is a strange place to go.

“The city is a hotspot for paparazzi and the United States affords more freedom to the press than it does in the United Kingdom.

“There were lots of wealthy friends in Britain with big sprawling private homes where he could hide from the cameras.”

The Royals are 'trapped'

Many of the remarks have been interpreted as a sleight towards the QueenCredit: Getty

During his bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey last year, Harry claimed that he, Prince Charles and Prince William were “trapped” due to royal life.

But Angela argued this wasn’t the case for Harry because he was not “forced to follow a certain path” and was offered more impactful work.

Angela says: “If Harry had said he wanted to go live in Africa and do charitable work, the Queen would have supported that decision.

“I don’t believe that Harry was forced to follow a certain path.

“How can he think he is not privileged when he lives in this huge mansion in California with 16 bedrooms and eight bathrooms and a swimming pool?

“He may not like being a Prince, but he can’t claim that all the opportunities he’s receiving now, such as these podcasts, don’t have anything to do with his Royal status.”

Cash strapped multi-millionaire

Meghan and Harry's multimillion-dollar home in Los AngelesCredit: BackGrid

Harry whinged during the Oprah Winfrey interview: "My family literally cut me off financially”.

Angela said: “Prince Charles has given Harry and Meghan a lot of money since they decided to leave the United Kingdom for North America.

“He didn’t want them to worry during their first year outside of the Royal family.

“Charles paid for some of Meghan’s ludicrously expensive clothes.

“For them, nothing is ever enough.

“They said they wanted to be financially independent, but then complained about not being supported financially.”

Paying for their own security

Experts have reiterated that The Met is not a 'private force' and is 'not for hire'Credit: Getty Images - Getty

Harry’s complaints about being denied round-the-clock security while travelling to the UK have resurfaced once again.

Previously, he told Oprah: “I never thought I would have my security removed.”

The Prince explained that he was shocked and feared for the safety of his family due to being a part of the Royal Family.

Angela says: “Initially Charles did pay for security for Harry and Meghan out of his own pocket.

“It cost him a fortune because they needed eight people with them around the clock.

“Harry’s treatment isn’t actually different from most of the Queen’s grandchildren.

“Security was taken away from Prince Andrew’s daughters, so he decided to pay for it himself. He wanted to protect his girls.

“Princess Anne’s children don’t have guards either.”

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