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SUMMER entertaining is here, but if you're looking for ways to save, there are deals to make your next menu a sweet and savory one.

A TikTok influencer shared her Aldi finds under $5 and the ones which aren't worth your money.

Aldi's Pie Bites come in three flavorsCredit: TikTok: aldiallthetime

Sarah, who goes by Aldiallthetime on TikTok, shared with her 140,000 followers the food finds she thinks are worth your money.

The food selection at Aldi's changes week to week.

Plus, it will also vary by location.

Sarah gave a thumb's up to the following Aldi items.

1. Pie bites

Pie bites are bite-sized treats.

They come in a variety of flavors: banana cream, coconut cream and key lime with a chocolaty coating.

Aldiallthetime described them as "delicious" and tasted like an "Almond Joy".

2. Plantain croutons

Sarah really liked the plantain croutons.

They come in two flavors: spicy sriracha and garlic & sea salt.

3. Mini egg rolls

In the freezer section, Sarah found Pagoda brand mini buffalo-style chicken egg rolls.

She said they looked really good and picked up a box for herself.

4. Cheesecake

She definitely recommended the whipped cheesecake.

You can find it in key lime and strawberry.

Sarah said: "You can't go wrong."

5. Burgers

Also in the freezer section, she was intrigued by the plant-based burgers.

She found them in two varieties: Korean-style BBQ and Mediterranean.

Aldi's egg wraps are a different alternative to tortilla wrapsCredit: TikTok: aldiallthetime

6. Wraps

An alternative to a tortilla wrap are the egg white wraps that Sarah found.

She said she "really likes" them and they sell for $4.75.

At her Aldi, she found them in a Southwest-style flavor.

7. Seasonings

She was really impressed by the variety of seasonings available.

For $3.49, they're great for grilling.

You have several choices: Cajun, Texas smokehouse, prime rib and citrus & herb.

Other Aldi finds

Sarah added you can't go wrong with the Everything Brioche buns.

She said for $9.99, the colossal size shrimp is a "pretty good price."

She also bought the seafood boil to try for $9.99.


Here are the items she suggested isn't worth your money:

  • Multilayer gelato / $3.99: Sarah said: "What a letdown."
  • Half-baked Monster pizza / $7.99: "For this price, that pizza better be good."
  • Clancy garlic or sea salt bagel chips / $1.99: She described it as the "worst part of Chex mix".
  • RxBar: Aldiallthetime said: "Way too expensive to taste as horrible as they do."

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