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CREATING a great outfit isn't easy, but one common mistake can bring down an otherwise great selection.

Ishita Saluja is a personal stylist and image coach who has amassed over 200k followers on Instagram.

Ishita Saluia'sshared fashion advice wjth her Instagram followersCredit: Instagram

She frequently posts clothing hacks, outfit guides, and fashion tips for dressing your best.

In a recent video, she shows her fans that there is a very common problem that can derail otherwise fine outfits.

Thankfully, it's easy to fix requiring nothing more than a change of shoes.

At the start of the video, Saluja shows how wearing sports shoes with your everyday clothes can turn an outfit tacky.

In the caption, she clarifies: "The shape and feel of your gym footwear may not look as pleasing with your feminine outfit and can end up looking untidy."

To prove it, she spends the second half of the video showing off a simple fix, fashion sneakers.

The sleeker and more fashion-friendly style of shoe immediately improves upon the outfit as it was with tennis shoes.

Once again in the caption, she describes fashion sneakers as "a great option which is a combination of comfort and chic look."

She also calls attention to how versatile they are, able to be worn from day to night.

The video has over 4,000 likes and dozens of comments expressing a variety of responses.

"Love your styling tips. They are so helpful!" says one user, and "it's interesting," says another.

Elsewhere, commenters ask about the brand of her sneakers or where they can get access to the specific outfit pieces she wears in the video.

Saluja also replies to several comments where users ask for more specific fashion advice.

One user asks where she can find similar shorts to what is shown in the video and Saluja points her to Zara.

Fashion sneakers, the answer to sports shoes making an outfit look tackyCredit: Instagram