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If you can find the remote control hidden among the furniture in under one minute you’re in the top two-thirds

LOSING the remote control is a universal (pardon the pun) experience across the globe.

If you consider yourself an expert at finding the remote, test your speed with this brainteaser.

Only one third of people can find the hidden remote control in this image in under a minuteCredit: ScS

UK-based furniture company ScS has released a series of interior design-themed brain teasers.

Only one third of people can find the remote control in the sea of furniture in under 60 seconds.

The average time to locate the hidden remote control in the cluttered image is 40 seconds.

If you're still wracking your brains after the clock has run out, don't worry there is actually a remote there.

If you look at the bottom border of the image, the remote is located in the very center.

If you are still struggling, the remote can be found to the right of the large potted plant.

While the image may be a minimalist's nightmare, ScS managed to somehow capture the frustration of a lost remote.

As in is the case in real life, the remote control did not travel to far and was under your nose all along.

If you want to challenge yourself further, try find the lamp in the sea of sofas in a similar brainteaser.

And if searching for one object has become easy, you can try find the six animals hidden in this image.

It takes an average of 40 seconds to locate the remote in this brainteaserCredit: ScS