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BOTH pregnant women and first-time moms often struggle to find outfits that suit their tastes and their changing bodies.

Pants may not fit like they used to, certain tops don’t sit right, and dresses can be inconvenient.

A woman revealed one of her favorite dresses to wear while pregnant or breastfeedingCredit: TikTok/@anniepaventy
It has pockets, which makes it super convenientCredit: TikTok/@anniepaventy

A mom and fashion expert named Annie Paventy, who goes by @anniepaventy on TikTok, has gained a following of over 170k users thanks to her videos that offer styling tips for fellow mothers.

She recently revealed one of her favorite dresses—and it’s super convenient and flattering.

“If you are a pregnant or nursing mom, stop scrolling because I have the perfect dress for you,” she began.

The black mini dress was simple yet practical, with short sleeves making it perfect for the warmer months.



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It’s from the brand Roolee and is on sale for less than $20.

The best part? “It has zippers on the sides so that you can nurse in it,” Annie said.

The zippers go along both sides of the chest so that when pulled down, the flap makes it easy to breastfeed.

“It also has these big pockets,” she said—another plus for moms who have a lot on their hands.

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If you’re pregnant, you can already start wearing it as well.

“You could totally wear it with a bump, it’s very stretchy.

“It’s knee-length, has a little slit, and has these nice little cap sleeves,” she added.

Annie rated the dress a 10 out of 10.

Viewers were excited about the find.

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“Love it! I’ve been so in love with everything I’ve seen from Roolee,” one person wrote.

“Buying right now,” added another.

The zippers in the front are great for nursing mothersCredit: TikTok/@anniepaventy