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What you see first in this optical illusion reveals what you fear most when in love – taking the test can solve it

WHAT you see first in this optical illusion reveals what you fear most when in love - and taking the test could resolve it.

They say love is a battlefield and that with every argument the distance between you and your partner grows.

What you see in this optical illusion could say a lot about what you fear in relationshipsCredit: Oleg Shupliak

So, why not surrender and find out what you're most scared of in love? Who knows, it might just change your life.

The clever people at Your Tango have been doing just that and recently released an optical illusion that's said to reveal what in relationships you're most scared about.

What you see first in the mystical painting by artist Oleg Shupliak will tell you exactly what you're fearing.

If you saw a man's face, that means your focus and enthusiasm makes you a pleasure to be around.



Optical illusion probes genius & madness - can you spot the hidden message?

You thrive by living in the present and barely dwell on negative experiences in the past.

You live for the moment and once each day is done, you pack it away forever and start the next afresh, which is the only way to feel free, in your opinion.

But, you're scared of being seen as having emotional baggage.

You choke up and shut down in new relationships and think it's "normal" but all it does is create distance between you and your partner and torpedoes any chance of a lasting love in the long term.

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If you saw the boy, you're probably a jubilant and wistful person at heart and love being around people.

You don't like being the center of attention but you also can't go without being in a crowd of familiar faces.

But what you hide in relationships is a fear of being a grown up.

You do the 9-5 and pay your bills thinking this is what makes someone an adult but the truth is it could make you come across as totally helpless.

What you're mostly scared of is if the person you love doesn't feel needed, then you'll have nothing else to offer, which couldn't be any less true.

If you see the painting then you're in bliss when you're in the middle of a dream.

Yes, you love your partner and have close connections with your friends but that doesn't mean you're always keen to spend time with them.

Sometimes, you're happier simply emailing or texting and staying home alone.

What you hide in relationships is your intense need for time to yourself, which makes you feel rested and recharged.

You shouldn't feel ashamed if you need your own space and time, but you should be open with your partner about this from the get-go.

If you saw two huts then you're known to be a sensitive soul.

You have no problem sharing your feelings - is just that, at times, they can be pretty intense and life can feel overwhelming.

What you hide in relationships is direct conflict.

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You don't like being criticized even if it's constructive criticism, and tend to lash out when it does come your way.

But if you're feeling cornered, it's ok to feel angry about it. Just remember that when you react that you haven't misinterpreted someone's intentions.