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AN INFLUENCER has shared her bikini haul from Fashion Nova - and some of the items are truly tragic.

Plus size influencer Allison Kimmey shared her online shopping disaster with her 214.8k followers on TikTok in a video titled: ‘Not all swim hauls are created equal but gotta keep it real!’

The difficulties of shopping online was made clear in Allison's bikini haul videoCredit: tiktok/@allisonkimmey

Starting her video the swimwear enthusiast says she “drunk ordered” the bikinis, describing what then arrived as “pretty bad.” 

The first haul item Allison reveals is a cute pink mesh coverup, pointing out that in by itself the coverup isn’t a disaster before adding “but let me show you what’s underneath” and revealing the rather ill-fitting bikini that came with the coverup.

The bikini, she notes, has an unlined top, and offers very little support or coverage.

She said: “I think there’s a reason that on the site they didn’t show the suit on the plus size model, they only showed [her] with the coverup set on.”



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The second swimsuit she describes as “tragic,” adding that she’s unable to zip the item up or show how badly fitting the bottom part is. “Maybe I had like five glasses of wine,” she jokes.

The third item in Allison’s Fashion Nova haul is a floral swimsuit -putting it on she adds that she “can’t even explain this one” and is “literally speechless.”

“The only saving grace for this one is that it came with a skirt, which is the only way you could possibly wear this.” She adds.

Allison also points out that: “It’s literally not even bathing suit material so you couldn’t really get in the water in this. There’s no lining, no pads, there’s nothing.”

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Wearing the next bikini she says: “It actually has lining and pads. It’s very low in the front, but also in the back.”

“I mean this one’s not completely unfortunate,” she continues. “I don’t hate it, I just don’t love it.”

Advising her viewers Allison says: “If you choose not to heed my warning and decide you want to try this yourself for size reference I ordered a 3X in everything, and some of it has fit, but most of it has not.”

The final item in the haul is a pink swimsuit, which the influencer describes as “the least tragic of them all.”

Adding: “It’s still showy, but I’m not crying. It’s actually pretty cute to be honest.”

Allison complained that some of the swimwear she ordered couldn't actually be worn in waterCredit: tiktok/@allisonkimmey
Allison described the hot pink swimsuit as the least tragic of her haulCredit: tiktok/@allisonkimmey
The floral swimsuit offered no lining or padsCredit: tiktok/@allisonkimmey
Allison found the coverup to be far better fitting than the bikini underneathCredit: tiktok/@allisonkimmey