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LIVE With Kelly and Ryan fans have threatened to boycott the show due to a major change in the format.

Furious fans have called out Live for continuing to air pre-recorded episodes, even though it is supposed to be live.

Live with Kelly and Ryan fans have threatened to boycott the show after episodes are not liveCredit: ABC
The show returned for a new season earlier this month and there is still no live audienceCredit: ABC

On Thursday's episode, fans noticed a detail that set their teeth on edge.

When Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest walked out onto the set, the words "previously recorded" appeared across the screen.

However, when the co-hosts sat down, Ryan introduced the show with the current date.

Even though the interviews have never happened before, they were not happening at that moment.

This is not the first time this has happened with the show.

Last month, the Live was also pre-recorded when the hosts went on vacation and then sometimes just on random days.

No reason was given for the pre-recorded shows, but Kelly is gearing up to release her first book and Ryan also has radio shows he hosts.

Furious fans are tired of the show "tricking" them and threatened to boycott it if they don't air live shows.


Live viewers posted their anger on Twitter when they saw the episode was once again, not live.

"@LiveKellyRyan for the love of LIVE kelly and Ryan can you please be live and not previously recorded! Was a big fan of show but every single time I try to watch! NOT LIVE," tweeted one fan.

"It really shouldn’t be called @LiveKellyRyan if almost every episode is pre-recorded…" said another.

A third added: "I can’t watch this show anymore - they barely work, not 'Live' - off on Thursday & Friday, no studio audience. Kelly got too big for her britches & is driving this show to cancellation."

"When is Live going to have in person audience? What’s the deal?" asked another.

"How can you call a show 'Live' when you don’t ever seem to be live anymore? Everything seems to be prerecorded?" wrote a curious fan.


Earlier this month, Live fans had another bone to pick with the show.

The COVID-19 pandemic made a lot of shows have virtual audiences, but eventually went back to masked, in-person audiences.

Live, which has been a morning staple for more than 30 years, returned after Labor Day for a brand new season - once again without a studio audience.

The show's seats have been empty since the pandemic hit, when producers ditched the live audience and format to only tape shows in front of necessary members of the production team.

But more than two years later, and while many other shows have long since welcomed back fans, Live remains dead.

The would-be seat-fillers expressed their frustration online.

"Seriously, still no "live" audience...not even remotely?" one person tweeted.

"Y'all need to get with the program!"

Another added: "Virtual audience OK but we need "live" back & in the studio."

While one fan questioned: "What I want to know is why does Live with Kelly & Ryan, a talk show with no studio audience, have a DJ?"

The lack of an enthusiastic crowd could be contributing to early complaints that the show has become "boring" and "predictable."

Fans are even speculating that the show is faking scenes to boost ratings amid fears it will be canceled.

Fans have slammed the show as boring and predictableCredit: ABC ENTERTAINMENT
When the co-hosts walked out the words 'previously recorded' appeared on the screenCredit: ABC
The hosts filmed a new opening for Thursday's show and pretended like it was newCredit: ABC