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KARDASHIAN fans have spot a strange detail in Kardashians Hulu show scene with Kendall Jenner and mom, Kris Jenner.

Kendall's, 26, bizarre culinary choice has been mocked continuously since the episode's debut.

Kendall Jenner's scene with mom Kris on the popular Hulu showCredit: Hulu
Kendall awkwardly crosses her arms to hold the cucumber at a 'safe' distanceCredit: Hulu

The clip, posted by TikToker Michelle Andrews, already has over 600 thousand likes.

In the scene Kris, 66, possibly well aware of her daughters blade skills or lack thereof, asks Kendall if she "wants the chef to make [her] a snack.

Kendall replies, "I'm making it myself, just gotta chop up some cucumber...that's pretty easy"

It should be, was a sentiment shared by many Kardashian fans.



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Kris gives her supermodel daughter props: "You go girl."

Kendall starts to chop and what should be a relatively simple task turns complicated.

Instead holding the cucumber on its non cutting end, Kendall instead opts to grasp the vegetable on the side that being sliced.

She places her fingers mere millimeters from the blades razor shape edge to seemingly pull each slice away as it's being separated from the whole of the cucumber.

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Kris senses the danger and quickly cautions the occasional chef to "be careful" and explaining that "[she] nicked myself the other day".

Kendall, in search of better hand placement, awkwardly crosses her arms, instead of rotating the vegetable, to grip the cucumber from the safer end.

"I'm kinda scared', admits Kendall as she clumsily saws through the green obstacle.

A supportive Kris encourages "there you go", as Kendall gets her first slice.

The TikTok concludes with its poster comically imitating the supermodel Jenner.

The comment section quickly filled with fans discuss the 'strangeness' they had just witnessed.

One fan commented, "'It’s pretty easy' then chops it the weirdest way possible".

Another joked: "She’s so brave trying to cut it by herself!"

A third added: "The job security that chef has..."

While one fan reasoned, "always knew they were so far removed from reality but watching Kendall try to cut that cucumber was painful".


Kendall was recently slammed, less for her lack of awareness but more instead for her lack of concern in a resurfaced Late Late Show clip.

In the clip, Kendall, 26, is being interviewed by substitute host and former One Direction front man Harry Styles.

While playing the popular game Late Late Show game "Spill Your Guts and Fill Your Guts", where guests are asked personal questions and must either choose to answer or consume some foul, barely edible cuisine if they don't, Harry asked Kendall to "rank your siblings...from best to worst parents."

The audience laughed as the pop star couldn't contain his own giddiness.

Kendall looked defeated and immediately picks up her glass of eggnog.

She then reconsidered and said, "I feel like I can answer it."

Harry quickly quipped, "I feel like I can answer it", as if hinting he knew something the audience doesn't.

Kendall and Harry dated for a brief period before the time of this interview.

Kendall began by setting the record straight and, in her case, hopefully garnishing some goodwill from her siblings.

Harry responded "okay" to more audience laughter.

She continued, "I'd say Rob is number one...he's so good to his daughter."

Kendall struggled to make the rest of the list, "[This is] so hard they're all amazing."

"Drink the eggnog" shouted Harry in a not so subtle attempt to throw the model a lifeline.

"No!" screamed Kendall has she starts round off the rest of her list.

"Then it would be like Khloe, Kim, Kylie..." she then breaks into laugher herself as she adds, in last place, "Kourt."

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Harry looked dumbstruck, utterly in disbelief that the 818 founder actually answered the question.

Kendall then shouted, "they're all amazing" in a last-ditch effort to save face.

Kris Jenner offers to have the chef help as she watches the precarious situationCredit: Hulu
'I'm kinda scared" said Kendall as she fumbled to find the right way to cut a cucumberCredit: Hulu
Kendall is promo still for Hulu's The Kardashians reality TV showCredit: 2022 Hulu

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