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EMMERDALE fans are in shock after the truth about Charles Anderson’s attack was revealed.

The vicar - who is played by actor Kevin Mathurin in the ITV soap - was found unconscious in last night’s episode after a row with Naomi.

Emmerdale fans are shocked after finding out the truth about Charles Anderson's attackCredit: ITV
Charles revealed he fell after tripping on his tool box and hurt himselfCredit: ITV
Soap fans were surprise at how quickly he recovered from a subarachnoid haemorrhageCredit: ITV

Manpreet Sharma (portrayed by Rebecca Sarker) assumed he had been attacked by his long-lost daughter.

Charles was finally woken up from the coma and revealed what really happened.

“We argued, I tried to go after her but I fell,” he said.

“She stormed out. I went to follow but I tripped over my tool box and hit my head on the floor. I was looking at the fuse box, I’m sorry I should have left it to Marcus.”

However he was left reeling when Manpreet revealed she reported Naomi for attacking him.

As she was questioned by the police after being accused of assaulting her father, Naomi (played by Karene Peter) was told the vicar was suffering from a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Some viewers may know these can be fatal but, miraculously, Charles was able to overcome his internal bleeding at the speed of light.

This prompted many soap fans to turn to Twitter, pointing out his speedy recovery was unrealistic.

"Yep. Our Lady of Hotten Memorial Hospital does it again. Within a week of a bleed on the brain, he is welcoming half the village as visitors", one quipped.

Another added: "Charles has a bump on the head and is still in hospital. Leyla go shot and was out in two days."

"There was a plaster at the side of his neck in that hospital bed. All gone as he comes out without a mark there", a third viewer penned.

Manpreet quickly tried to put things right by telling the police and having Naomi released without charge.

And with Ethan’s help she contacted Naomi asking to meet - and she brought birth mum Esme with her.

But as Manpreet explained how she made a terrible mistake, Naomi was not in the mood for being pleasant in return.


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She replied: “Fun. So I didn’t try and kill him then.”

Manpreet told her: “I should not have jumped to conclusions. I’ve been having a few difficulties.”

Esme then interrupted to berate Manpreet - but Esme made a shock move.

After Naomi kicked Esme out, Manpreet told her: “I want to make things right.

“For Charles’ sake. None of this is his fault - it’s all mine.”

But instead of graciously accepting her apology, Naomi told her: “You don’t care about Charles. 

“Why are you so determined to mess things up between us? Telling lies about me, making out I’m some sort of psycho. 

“You need to get off my case and you need to pray for a miracle if you want Charles to forgive you.”

Viewers are shocked at her reaction.

One wrote: "I reckon Naomi is hiding something. Sandra is defending a scrounging scammer."

A second said: "Naomi doesn’t seem like the forgiving kind."

Manpreet recently compared Naomi to Meena and some viewers have been convinced she could be another serial killer determined to wreak havoc in the Dales.

But could they be wrong?

Can Naomi and Charles get along?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Charles was found unconscious in his churchCredit: ITV
Manpreet immediately reported Naomi to the police, thinking she had attacked the vicarCredit: ITV