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Love Island 2022 RECAP – Casa Amor recoupling revealed in first look and fans all say the same thing about Coco

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LOVE Island fans were shocked over Coco's brazen flirting with Andrew, as Paige broke down in tears over Jacques in Casa Amor.

Coco  and Billy got to work snogging Love Island's most well-known couples leaving their romance in tatters.

Coco snogged Andrew in bed, as Tasha cheated with Billy as heads were turned in Casa Amor.

This year's Love Island now has two children from 90s heartthrobs, Ronan Keating and Michael Owen, in the villa.

Jack and Gemma Owen, daughter of the former footballer, appeared to be bonding with Jack Keating, son of the 90's popstar, particularly over their family values.

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Fans fuming when Andrew breaks his word to Tasha

    He left a ring in her suitcase, but said he'd be taking it back and locked lips with Casa's Coco Lodge.

    Andrew Le Page was completely smitten with Tasha, or seemingly.

    But since carefully packing Tasha a bag for Casa Amor and leaving a ring in there for her, he had a huge change of heart and fans are not happy.

    One fan Tweeted: "The way Andrew turned so quickly, and without any actual conversation with Tasha is an absolute red flag."

    Another wrote: "Anyone supporting Andrew is a walking red flag," a third agreed. "I really hope Tasha recouples, she deserves better."

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Sizzling Summer! New bombshell strips topless to shower in front of the boys by the pool

    Summer has certainly caught Dami's eye, but eagle eyed viewers will have caught the sneaky clip in last nights episode.

    Fans who spotted the cheeky moment took to Twitter to discuss, one said: "Was Summer topless in the shower?"

    As a second chimed in: "The Casa Amor girls are laying it on thick."

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island: Jacques kisses new blonde bombshell as Paige feels excited about seeing him again

    In saddening upcoming scenes, Jacques tells Cheyenne "I only want you," as Paige prepares to return to him in the Villa.

    Paige has her heart set on Jacques, with the two building a very close bond over three weeks.

    However, as Paige is getting giddily excited over seeing Jacques again, little does she know he has snuck off with blonde beauty Cheyenne for a kiss, telling her: "Aww are you getting cosy now I only want you.’

  • Lauren Lomas

    Recoupling looms over the Villa as Casa Amor tensions rise

    In a first look, Islanders receive a text letting them know that there will soon be a recoupling and they must make a decision on who to be with.

    Nerves are running high as Laura Whitmore makes a return to the villa.

    Will the OG's stick with their couples, or have found a better match?

  • Lauren Lomas

    This year's Casa Amor postcard SCRAPPED

    It has been revealed to The Sun that the postcard proved to be too distressing for contestants after last year's explosive rows.

    The postcard was branded "misleading" after it caused a huge row between last year's Faye Winter and Teddy Soares.

    ITV received more than 4,000 complaints from Ofcom.

    Will the postcard be replaced with something else this year?

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island: Indiyah TORN between Deji and Dami

    In upcoming scenes, the beauty admits that she has developed a connection with Casa Amor's gorgeous Deji.

    Indiyah said: "Obviously I have a connection with Dami, there's not nothing there.

    "But in the real world, I'm used to dating. It doesn't invalidate my feelings for anything.

    "Hypothetically speaking, if you were to come back to the villa with me I would have to have those conversations with Dami."

  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island slapped with complaints over how Jacques treated Paige

    Fans are worried for Paige after Jacques told her to "f*** off" and called her "pathetic" after the heart racer challenge.

    Ofcom reported being hit with almost 70 complaints from viewers, who were upset with how the rugby player spoke to the paramedic.

    After last night's episodes fans were gobsmacked when Paige admitted she saw "no red flags" in Jacques.

    One fan Tweeted: "Also btw Jacques saying if he wants to kiss another girl he will and he will deal with the consequences but guarantee when the consequences come he's just gunna tell Paige she's pathetic and tell her to f*** off again cos he doesn't like being called out..."

    Another wrote: "jacques sending paige off w/ his bland hoodie& her wearing it religiously whilst he's doing everything under the sun w/ casa girls.. like I hate him. I hate that man."

  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island: FIRST LOOK at tonight's explosive Casa Amor episode

    Paige excited to see Jacques again, Ekin-Su hopes Davide has remained loyal and viewers left guessing who singletons Danica and Jay will couple up with.

    Love Island's first look has been revealed ahead of tonight's shock recoupling announcement.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Ronan Keating sets the record straight: 'I'm not retired!'

    His son, 23 year old Jack accidentally said his dad was "retired" from singing when talking to Gemma Owen.

    Speaking to The One show, Ronan said he nearly "fell off his chair" when Jack said he was "retired" and reminded everyone he is "definitely not retired".

  • Lauren Lomas

    Gemma should tell the truth about Jacques, fans claim

    Paige has been reduced to tears after Casa Amor's Samuel made shock revelations.

    Samuel told Paige he thinks truthfully that Jacques doesn't like her as much as he lets on, and that his head will be turned.

    Fans have called on Gemma, who is Jacques ex, to tell Paige what he is really like to date.

    Previously, Gemma told Jacques she couldn't trust him when they were together, which is why they broke up.

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    Will Gemma open up before it is too late?

    Could Paige get a second chance at love?

  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island's heart racing spoilers!

    Do not miss out on tonight's explosive episode, where the boys receive a message from Casa Amor, with love.

    Tune in to ITV2 this evening at 9pm to find out why Andrew has been reduced to tears, and whether Jacques will recouple with new girl Mollie or Cheyanne.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island fans SLAM Jacques for being an 'actor' and double standards

    Jacques O'Neill has been bashed by viewers for his "worrying" behaviour.

    It was less than two weeks ago, Jacques O,Neill was up at night crying to Paige Thorne that he was worried he would lose her to bombshell Jay Younger.

    Now during Casa Amor while Paige has been fiercely loyal, Jacques as been flirting with and kissing other women, to "test" if his connection with Paige is real.

    He jumped in the pool with blonde beauty Mollie clinging on to him, and proceeded to kiss another girl, all while Paige is sat crying over him at Casa Amor.

    Fans are fuming with his behaviour and branded him a "liar" on Twitter.

    One viewer wrote: "Jacques cried to Paige in the middle of the night when he thought there was a chance of her moving to someone else, now look at him #loveisland."

    Another said: "That's why he asked Paige how many times she's been cheated on ? he wanted to add to the list."

  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island: Andrew Le Page's upcoming emotional scenes

    Fans think they have worked out why Andrew is upset, ahead of tonight's episode.

    Last night's preview clip showed Andrew looking very red faced with his head in his hands, being comforted by his fellow Islanders in the Villa while the girls are busy living it up in Casa Amor.

    Andrew has been laying it on thick with the gorgeous Coco in Tasha's absence, alluding to his recoupling plans of ditching Tasha for Coco after he claimed Tasha had made him look like a "mug".

    Meanwhile Billy has been making moves on Tasha, and even initiated a kiss with her last night.

    Viewers think tonight they could see the Casa Amor postcard.

    One fan Tweeted: "Andrew's crying may mean the postcard's being sent out."

    Another wrote: "Looks like the post cards were sent cause why's Andrew crying ??!!"

  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island fans slam ‘bullying’ comments about Jack Keating

    Fans have hit back at trolls commenting on his pale complexion.

    This comes after Sunday night’s After Sun episode, where guest Olga Koch said, “I think it’s unethical to put a person that pale into the sun.”

    Laura defended Ronan Keating’s son as she said: “I love to see the Irish skin in there!”

    On Twitter, one fan wrote: “Why are so many people mocking jack Jeating in love island for being pale? Why is that so bad? I’m pale, I hate fake tan.

    “Are we all meant to be tanned to fit in with society now? It’s actually annoying.”

    Another wrote: “Why is it socially acceptable to mock peoples skin colour because of their hair colour? Commenting on skin colour because of race is unacceptable (and rightly so), so why is this any different??

    “People should really think about people’s feelings, before making 'harmless' jokes!”

  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island's Coco has a 'mean side' according to ex classmate

    Coco Lodge has taken the villa by storm and sent Andrew Le Page's head spinning, but an ex classmate from school has opened up about what she is like.

    The 27-year-old wasted no time at all getting to know both Davide and Andrew.

    After sharing a kiss with Davide Sanclimenti and Andrew, she has set her sights on securing a place in the villa alongside Andrew, hoping to steal him away from Tasha Ghouri who is currently at Casa Amor.

    The ex-alumni source claimed she was a "popular girl who didn’t tend to date much" but who "had a mean side."

    A source close to Coco hit back, saying the claims were "disappointing" and unfair as Coco isn't able to "defend herself" at the moment.

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Family of Love Island star apologise after 'disappointing' allergy comment (2/2)

    Newbie Mollie Salmon made a surprising admission during her introductory pre-recorded VT about an ex who suffered from food allergies.

    When asked what her "icks" are, (ick = when you are put off someone and loose attraction for them), she said it was "frustrating" when men have food allergies.

    Mollie shocked the nation when she said: "I actually dated a boy with loads of allergies.

    "When you go into a restaurant and you can't eat anything on the menu, and it's really frustrating," in the clip that was aired on Sunday's episode of After Sun.

    Her family were quick to make an apology on her behalf, taking to Instagram they wrote: "On behalf of Mollie we'd like to apologise for any upset caused by the allergy comment made.

    "This was not said with any bad intentions and wasn't said to purposely be offensive or upset anyone.

    "Mollie herself suffers from an allergy to seafood!

    "Thank you for the continued love and support."

  • Lauren Lomas

    Family of Love Island star apologise after 'disappointing' allergy comment (1/2)

    Newbie Mollie Salmon made a surprising admission during her introductory pre-recorded VT about an ex who suffered from food allergies.

    When asked what her "icks" are, (ick = when you are put off someone and loose attraction for them), she said it was "frustrating" when men have food allergies.

    Mollie shocked the nation when she said: "I actually dated a boy with loads of allergies.

    "When you go into a restaurant and you can't eat anything on the menu, and it's really frustrating," in the clip that was aired on Sunday's episode of After Sun.

    Charity Allergy UK hit back on Twitter, and said: "We're disappointed with statements made by a @LoveIsland contestant in Sun ep of After Sun re food allergies.

    "It highlights why we need better awareness around the reality fo living with allergies.

    "We urge speaking up about allergies yet such attitudes make it harder to do so."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Casa Amor tests Andrew and Tasha as both kiss new arrivals (2/2)

    Billy agreed with observation, saying: "I could always see through that you've got that fun side but I haven't seen it yet."

    He later asked her if she was previously jealous of him getting to know Paige, which she replied: "I don't know, I've already kissed you, soo..."

    Roofing company director Billy, 23, pointed out that their first kiss was in a challenge but that he thinks she wishes it had not been in that scenario.

    The pair then shared a kiss with Tasha saying that she did not expect it to happen as he admitted: "I've been waiting for that tonight."

    Afterwards in the Beach hut, Tasha said: "Bill did make a move on me, he did go in for a kiss. Very interesting. I don't know where my head is at, I'm not going to lie."

    While in the main Villa, Andrew and Coco could be seen flirting with one another after spending the night previous in the same bed.

    Andrew told her that he feels what they have is "obviously pretty good" and that he wanted to explore that more.

    Coco also admitted her feelings lay strongly with him, saying: "I don't really feel like there's anyone else. I didn't expect to get on with you as well as I did to be honest, it actually shocked me."

    He agreed that he had not expected to be "laughing the entire night" while in bed together, noting: "That's definitely something me and Tasha did not have. I've woken up pretty happy to be fair."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Casa Amor tests Andrew and Tasha as both kiss new arrivals (1/2)

    Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page's relationship continues to be tested in Love Island as both kiss new arrivals during the Casa Amor challenge.

    Tasha and Andrew, who are the only pair who have remained coupled up throughout the series, both admitted during Tuesday's episode that they had experienced something with one of the new bombshell contestants which they did not have together.

    It also saw Tasha kiss new arrival Billy Brown in Casa Amor after Andrew previously strained their connection by kissing Coco Lodge in the main villa.

    After Danica Taylor encouraged Tasha to "go with the flow" more, it appeared she took the advice on board as she opened up to Billy about how she was feeling.

    She admitted she had initially closed herself off in Casa Amor due to being in a "strong place" with Andrew when she arrived but she had enjoyed exploring a new connection with Billy.

    The model and dancer, 23, added: "It's weird, you bring out this playful, flirty side out of me. I haven't had that with Andrew. I do feel like there's a bit of a vibe here definitely."

  • Sarah Tetteh

    Jacques the lad

    Love Island fans are begging bosses to bring an end to Casa Amor after Paige breaks down over Jacques.

    It comes after a teaser for tonight's show sees him kiss Casa Amor bombshell Cheyanne.

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Love Island stars get paid to be on the show

    A former contestant has spoken out about how much he got a week for starring on the show.

    It’s common knowledge that the contestants can earn a lot of money for appearing on the show, once they leave.

    But it turns out that ITV pay the Islanders while they’re still in the villa too.

    Last year, contestants were paid £250 a week, which had gone up from £200 the year before.

    The winner of the show is also set to take home £50,000.

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Do the bombshells watch Love Island before entering the villa?

    Every year, Casa Amor brings the drama as new contestants enter the villa.

    Fans have always wondered whether or not the bombshells watch the show before appearing on Love Island.

    Viewers were particularly distraught about Dami ‘cheating’ on Indiyah with Summer leading them to ask if bombshells watch the show.

    Former-islander, Sharon Gaffka, clarified: “They make all the bombshells etc watch the show, that’s why everyone asks for their top 3 because they have to give it to the producers.”

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Ronan Keating’s ex-wife blasts Twitter trolls

    Yvonne Connelly took to Instagram to support her son.

    Jack Keating entered the Love Island villa as a bombshell and appears to have already made a bond with Gemma Owen, daughter of former footballer, Michael Owen.

    But Twitter users took to the platform to insult and mock 23-year-old Jack because of his red hair and fair skin, suggesting he was only included because he’s the son of former Boyzone-frontman, Ronan Keating.

    His mother, however, took to Instagram: “Thank you so much for all your comments.

    “All positive (can’t say the same for other platforms).

    “So many people wishing Jack well and rooting for him. It means so much. My heart.”

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Luca’s sister came to his defence

    A row ensued between Dami and Luca in which the fishmonger was branded “fake”.

    Luca’s sister, Claudia, has been manning his Instagram account while he’s in the villa.

    She took to the account to post an image of Luca in bed and a caotion that read: “We’d do anything to give you a big fat hug, we’re so proud of you.

    “Team Luca all the way man @lucabish.

    “Could not be more proud of our boy tonight if we tried. Such a huge shame to see the stigma surrounding men.”

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Fans beg for Love Island postcards to be released

    Love Islanders have been in a world of drama since Casa Amor kicked off last week.

    The postcards let the islanders know what the other islanders have been up to.

    Many are hoping that Tasha, Gemma and Indiyah, and now Ekin-Su will be told what they’re respctive other halves; Andrew, Luca, Dami and Davide, have been up to.

    Writer, Victoria Sanusi took to Twitter: “Make sure you send that postcard to Indiyah with a first class stamp.”