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My ‘husband’ turned out to be a WOMAN… I had no idea even after getting intimate – until my mum made him strip

A WIFE has found out her husband is actually a woman after her mum forced "him" to strip and said she had no idea even after getting intimate.

The woman, named only as NA, 22, is suing her ex who claimed to be a neurologist who graduated in New York.

A woman has discovered her 'husband' is actually a woman after they were forced to stripCredit: Youtube
Ahnaf Arrafif, whose real name is Erayani, claimed to be a neurosurgeonCredit: Youtube

The couple first met on a dating app with the "husband" claiming to be Ahnaf Arrafif from Jambi City, Indonesia.

They quickly struck up a relationship online and eventually met in-person for dates.

Ahnaf even stayed with NA for a week and helped take care of her unwell parents.

But four months into their marriage and NA's family started growing suspicious of their daughter's new husband



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Ahnaf never introduced "his" own family and often had an empty schedule, despite claiming to be a successful doctor.

They also noticed that Ahnaf never took off "his" clothes and would bathe with clothes on when others were at home.

When NA confronted her "husband" over lumps on his chest, Ahnaf responded that it was a hormonal problem.

It wasn't until NA's mother demanded Ahnaf strip to prove he was a man that Ahnaf revealed he was actually a woman named Erayani and that she had lied about everything, including her job.

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NA told Jambi District Court she never suspected Ahnaf was not a man until her mother started to doubt their relationship.

She said they had been "intimate" multiple times but that her partner had insisted on only using hands.

Erayani is now facing charged for falsifying her qualifications as a doctor - and not for claiming to be different gender.

The two had been married for 10 months, according to Tribune News.

Ahnaf's wife never suspected he was a woman even after being intimate with her several timesCredit: Youtube