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Britain’s luckiest street revealed as NINETEEN neighbours scoop ‘life-changing’ Lottery wins

THE UK's luckiest street has been revealed after a whopping NINETEEN neighbours scooped life-changing sums on a lottery.

Lucky folk in Orrell, near Wigan, Lancashire, have been left stunned after winning £630,000 on the People's Postcode Lottery.

The Leathers were jumping in joy with their combined £90,000 winCredit: People's Postcode Lottery
Scott Gregory and his wife Rachel are planning to use the cash to treat their two children to a well deserved holidayCredit: Gavin Trafford
The street has been branded Britain's luckiestCredit: People's Postcode Lottery

Among the winners are three family members from the same household, a social care worker, a van driver and a teaching assistant.

The cash windfall comes after WN5 0DN was announced as a winner with the lottery on Thursday June 23.

Seventeen neighbours on Lonsdale Walk won £30,000 each, while another two winners on neighbouring Silverdale Road both scooped £60,000 after playing with two tickets.

This win sees the largest number of people in a single postcode pick up cheques for the lottery’s ‘£30,000 Street Prize’ since People’s Postcode Lottery began in 2005.

The Leather family from Lonsdale Walk - who all scooped a whopping £30,000 each - described their combined £90,000 win as the "best feeling in the world".

Great-grandparents Ian, 67, and wife Susan, 68, said the win was "life-changing" adding that it will help to make life easier for their busy household and wider family.

Their daughter Sarah Leather, 42, a cleaner who lives with them with her two teenage kids, found the experience "completely shocking" after discovering she had netted a fortune.

Susan said: “We’re bringing up two families in the one house and with the electric and gas prices rising, this is a huge security blanket.”

Ian noted: “It’s a massive thing. It’ll take the pressure off.”

The retired couple are planning to blow a chunk of their cash on their upcoming 50th anniversary next year along with Susan's 70th birthday which will be "extra special" thanks to the cash.

Social care worker, Scott Gregory, 36, also bagged a cheque for £30,000.

Incredibly the "overwhelmed" dad-of-two - who admits his win has "not sunk in yet" - only signed up to play after his manager won £30,000 on the Postcode Lottery two months ago.

Scott and his wife Rachel are now planning to use the cash to treat their two children to a well deserved holiday and a shopping spree at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Cheryl Valentine, 42, was left dumbfounded at winning an eye-watering £60,000 after having a run of bad luck.

Down-on-her luck Cheryl was due to be on a flight to Tenerife with her mum on the day she discovered she’d won the cash.

But the holiday was cancelled for the third time in a row thanks to Covid but her luck changed when she got a call tell her it was her lucky day.

Cheryl and hubby Mark are hoping to splash out on a "cheeky" campervan with their cash to go on adventures with their teenage son and black Labrador.

While "over the moon" van driver Mark Heap, 54, was another winner of a whopping £30,000 and he didn't hang around in making plans with the cash.

He'll be off on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise with his wife Julie when they both retire - they hope to take in Disneyland on the trip.

Julie will also splash out on some new shoes but cheeky Mark was quick to chime "no, you’ve already got a hundred pairs of shoes!”


Joanne Wolf, 54, said her "dream has come true" after winning £60,000 which she said will allow her and Dean, her fiancé of four years, to finally get married.

Dean was also delighted for his neighbours, adding: “There’s a lot of happiness in this street. We’re sharing the happiness, sharing the joy.”

Also winning on the street were: Elizabeth Pettit, 67, Tracey Morphet, 55, Deborah Moffatt, 55, Sonia Marsden, 29, Roy Fleming, 59, John Ashall, 48, and Wendy Markland, 48.

The other winners opted to remain anonymous.

Everyday throughout the June draws one postcode will be announced as a £30,000 prize winner.

All the players in the postcode will win £30,000 for every ticket they hold.

To find out more, visit www.postcodelottery.co.uk.

Cheryl Valentine and hubby Mark are hoping to splash out on a "cheeky" campervan with their cashCredit: People's Postcode Lottery
Joanne Wolf said her £60,000 win will allow her and Dean, her fiancé of four years, to finally get marriedCredit: People's Postcode Lottery
Mark Heap and wife Julie will be off on a cruise and Julie wants some new shoesCredit: People's Postcode Lottery