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My neighbour put up a huge shed & fence which totally overlook me & are an eyesore, but people say I’M in the wrong

A WOMAN has been slated online after complaining about the huge shed and fence her neighbour has put up.

She took to Facebook to share a picture of the new additions to next door's garden, admitting she'd been given notice beforehand, but hadn't realised quite how big it would be.

A woman took to Facebook to complain about this fence and shed her neighbour put up - despite them giving her notice beforehandCredit: .

"The neighbours said they planned to replace their old, standard garden fence," she wrote.

"We said great."

Of the snap she added: "This is what's going up, what the..."

One of her major issues was that the new fence is 10cm higher than her own.

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"I wish they would have told us about the fence, we could have done something together," she said.

But people were quick to insist that the issue isn't her neighbour's at all - with some even going as far as calling her a "Karen".

"To be honest your fence isn't that nice to look at anyway, you should do what they're doing," one person wrote.

To which the woman insisted her partner had been planning to replace their fence but hadn't got around to it as yet.

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"They told you about it and you brushed them off.

"You should have sat down with them if you were that concerned," another added.

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While a third commented: "Mind your own business, it has nothing to do with you."

Following the majority of people in the comments section siding with the neighbour, the woman quickly deleted her post from the social media site.