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IT'S an accusation busty women often face - that they're flaunting their boobs.

But one curvy lady has insisted she doesn't do it deliberately and it's just because of her curvy figure, which she loves.

Emily took to TikTok to question whether she's "showing off" her boobs or just "has boobs and exists"Credit: tiktok
Emily's video sparked comments from tonnes of women who related to what she was sayingCredit: tiktok

Taking to TikTok, Emily shared a video of herself wearing a low-cut gingham dress.

"Am I showing off my boobs?" she asked.

"Or do I just have boobs and exist?"

"Curvy girl problems? Seriously the girls are just living their best life," she captioned the video.

People were quick to comment on her clip, with many of them relating to what Emily was saying.

"Omg yes. it's either you dress frumpy or you're too revealing," one wrote.

While another added: "Feel this, when I was a teenager the amount of female adults who would make comments…

"Like I’m sorry it’s summer!"

"Exactly! love this," a third commented.

But someone else disagreed with Emily's video, writing: "Mmm I do actually do like to show off mine lol!"

And others wanted to know just where Emily got her pink and red dress from, with one asking: "Where is the dress from please, you look stunning."

"Thank you! It’s the Tilda dress from Molby the Label," she replied.

However, the dress doesn't come cheap - it's £140.

But Emily insisted it's worth the price, as she added: "Honestly, Molby the Label never lets me down."

She sported a £140 dress from Molby the Label for the videoCredit: tiktok